Olof Palmes skola i Haiti

The history of the school of Olof Palme
From the beginning it was a sched of boards

The school of Olof Palme in central Haiti, was founded 1994. The name was inspired from the murdered Swedish minister of state, Olof Palme.

From the beginning the school was very simple, but thanks to campaigning by schools in Skellefteå, Sweden, Lekol Olof Palme today consists of buildings built by stone and now has about 200 pupils. Most of them are youngsters, but there are also grown-up students, studying at the evening school.

For the future the primary goal is to get electricity and have some computers running. There is also lack of school material, food for the children, etc

If you are interested to learn more about the school, please send a line to the chairman for he Support committé of the school of Olof Palme, Sweden: swedish writer Göran Lundin.
E-mail: goran.lundin@ordvisor.se
Goran Lundin

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